The Government introduced the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act in 2013 and as a result the new requirements mean we can no longer pay Cash for any type of Scrap and in addition we now have to take proof of Identity from anyone wishing to sell Scrap. Below is a list of Payment Types we provide followed by a list of Acceptable forms of I.D.

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  1. Bank Transfer

  2. KYC Pre Pay Debit Cards

  3. Cheque (charges apply)

Acceptable I.D; (one of the following)

  1. Valid UK Photo Driving Licence

  2. Valid UK Passport

  3. Valid EEA Passport

  4. Valid UK Biometric immigration document

  5. Valid EU National I.D Card

  6. Valid UK Firearm/Shotgun Licence


if any of the above I.D above does not include your Address we will also require one of the following:

  1. Bank Statement

  2. Credit Card Statement

  3. Utillity Bill

  4. HMRC correspondence

  5. Letter from Government Body

All of the Above must be less than Three Months Old and contain your Name as per the I.D Above.